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The Company

Sport Turf Hawaii was created for the purpose of providing the finest turf conditions for uses beyond the everyday yard. Sport Turf Hawaii views turf as not only form, but also function. Through our high level of expertise and hands on approach, we are able to provide the highest quality playing conditions found in Hawaii.

Sport Turf Hawaii’s foundation is in golf course and sport turf agronomy. The principle of the company Logan P. Hamocon has 17 years specifically in golf course and sport turf agronomy and management. Although named Sport Turf Hawaii, experiences have taken Sport Turf Hawaii to various regions in the U.S., and also to Asia therefore diversifying and broadening our knowledge base.


Our Approach

Sport Turf Hawaii approaches their profession as an art managed through science. Taking pride in
everything we do, as it is a reflection of the company, but also the quality of the Sports facility. Quality
turf is the most important criteria in the judgement of the athlete. Therefore, in order for the client to build
a successful business, we need to provide the highest levels of quality turf.


Logan P. Hamocon

Sport Turf Hawaii places a great importance on continual education in order to keep up with the latest technology. After graduating with an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Horticulture Certificate from Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA. Logan went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture/Soil Science with a Turf Management Emphasis from California Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA.

Logan furthered his professional development by achieving Certified Golf Course Superintendent status with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America and concurrently established Field-training certification of Flowtronex PSI and Flownet with Irrigation Engineering Services, Malaysia.

Logan continues his educational & professional development by attending local and national seminars every year through organizations such as Golf Course Superintendent Association of America, Sport Turf Managers Association, Hawaii Turfgrass Association, and others. Logan has also been privileged with the opportunity of conducting educational seminars for the Golf Distributors Association of the Philippines, Hawaii Turfgrass Association and other private management organizations.